Friday, October 31, 2008


and yeah, another boringggggggggg morning! the speaker still not working. thank god ade subtitle kt sad love song! i've just finished the drama without the speaker on! huhu~ anyway, idk what to do today.

and yeah, put me in ur link list if u know me. btw, i feel so honor to put u in my link list! hehe~ my examination is coming once again. tomorrow ; bi, geo! like OMG! i didnt even study! esp. geo. kata cikgu marzuki : mesti baca buku geo. terutama peta. warghhh! msti susahhh maa. huh!

party exam,

party doesn't mean anything because examination is just around the building. haha?! so yah, on tuesday we had the fare-well/eid party at our school. the problem is, our so called headmistress told us to not get carried away by the fun and all and we should like start studying and stuff. and she even checked the toilet to make sure no one goofed off. my friends and i were like so DUHH. why would she do that? but we sure had fun and ignored her advice. cos u know what they say, girls just wanna have fun! although, after that she came to our class and started to do the creepy stare with her creepy eyes and she scolded us for having the party earlier than it should been.

see, we did had some fun! hahaha?!
anyway, i feel so bummed right now bcos the speaker is like not working! i wanna watch my all time fav korean drama "sad love song" at stinks!