Sunday, December 26, 2010


My life had been so great this past of weeks and the first thing I need to do is : PRAY TO ALLAH. because of Him, I could create non-faking smile EVERYDAY. but I admit, I had an unsettled probs because if you're always happy, then you're not SO NORMAL. seriously! so, JUST smile even when u have probs. because WE NEVER know how much fun it could when we're just SMILING. I just started to make it as one of my habits. This justin BIBIR's song-U SMILE are specially for those who are in sadness and pain. :)

SECONDLY, my heart becomes stronger nowadays. maybe my sister is right! she said if you're happy and getting more HEALTHIER, then your love for SOMEONE SPECIAL is RIGHT. and if he/she makes u MORE MISERABLE like, UHH XDE SELERA MAKAN. MANDI XBASAH. wth? then stop the relationship and just PRAY TO ALLAH and this is what we called the SPECIALTY of prayer :). WE THINK OF ALLAH EVERYDAY then He will always think of you. He will find you a good one. So just stop thinking about it and start to appreciate everything.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Semua budak pmr this year msti tau punye ape ade dgn 23 nieh. OH YES, u got me! RESULT. wow. so sblm je nombor 23 nieh muncul utk bulan 12 nieh, baik korang puaskan diri have fun and buat anything yg boleh melupekan bile saat kene bebel2 dgn mak ayah sbb result teruk (kalo teruk). so just prepare! fuhhh. tapi for me, parents maybe xkan bebel but yelah, dissapointed gile kot. sbb all I want for next year is...iss....ISSSSSSSSSS :

1st ; took sains tulen. yeah. ape boleh buat. yg tu je harapan aku. bcoz my heart says so. wow? haha.

2nd ; bile org tye... jibah, dpt bape A? 8A JE. wow. haha. kn sodap tuh bile sebut. org dgr pon sojuk je ati jdiknye right? haha.

3rd ; kalo xkene bebel, msti punye ah ati parents aku kecewa. mmg lah xnampak. but ade punye ah. kesiannye. 3 thun blaja tuh babe! wow.

kesimpulannye, ape pon terjadik. whatever it iss, kene REDHA! betui. Allah lebih mengetahui ape yg kite xketahui. maybe it's the best for me kalo xdpt 8a. Dia dh rancang yg terbaek utk kite sume. okeh apeape hal, GOOD LUCK and jangan bersedih :).

(anyway, beginilah aku when CANDID yg superhypehappygirl bile nak dpt result nnti.haha)

Friday, December 10, 2010

This is coooooooool

Let's start to pose like a model NOW girls !

Webcamming in the car

aiman haziq ckp ;ikan keli !

candid sehh aku

ni habis control beb !

candid part II

Control part II

lahhh last skali ngntuk sbb duk webcam jeh .smpai ke destinasi nye pon xgi ! :( zzzzzZZZz

kesimpulannye ,this is my new hobby okeh ! repeat ;NEW HOBBY. sesape rse nak follow hobby nieh, charge laptop awal2 kt umah then online dlm! haha bye

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Babe, don't worry :)

When I was 13, I always thought being PERFECT is easy and told myself I have to be one of them just like those popular girls in my school especially the SENIOR. I started to make a move and do practice on how to be perfect like gonna have a NICE HAIR, NICE SKIN and NICE BRAIN. I just want people to view me positively and just throw away the negiteveness on me. But when I'm just about to be fifteen, I moved out to a new school. My mind just changed. I knew there's something wrong with being perfect. You've just controlled yourself like what malay said ; CONTROL AYU, CONTROL SENYUM, CONTROL MAKAN, CONTROL WTH lah and all that. You just can't be yourself and stucked with NOT YOURSELF kind of stuff. I know, boys are just love to see girls with AYU personality right? but wth man. You're not an actress that have to act as an ayu girl babe. You just gotta be a girl with a personality and that's what makes you SPECIAL. people see you differently. and stop thinking what people said about you. They just don't know you yet. fyi, THERE JUST TWO people in this world ; bad and good -my name is khan. so choose. that's all you got. 50 % with you attitude(good or bad) and 50% with you personality. so, this is what I ended up with, being me and DOESN'T EVEN CARE as long as it makes people feel GOOD. yeahh :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

auwh auwh gedik nyee ;p

yeah! this song is really girlish plus gedik right? haha. but I love it. I remembered, the first time I heard this song is when me, dina, awe, syeera and syarfa have a fun time cooking at dina's kitchen bcoz we get so hungry. Dina lead us because she knows to cook. and fyi, bukan masak air atau nasi sahaja. hahaha. We started to make a playlist on syeera's phone. and she started to play OH!-snsd. it's a cool song dude! love it and give me an idea to put it in my blog~I miss that moment though, I know it's hard to hangout with you guys like that bcoz.....I don't know maybe you guys are just too busy. but hey,, I will make sure that moment will be coming back later on! just wait. HAHA. okey bye :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fourtography no more :(

FOURtography is wayyyy out of the line. it's so like last year. but I'm sure miss those three cheeks babyy! hrmm :(. they just stop contact me and started to do ANTI-FARAH NAJIBAH stuff. what is going on here buddy? I thought you guys are old enough to think that what you guys did was a total CHILDISH kind of stuff. this is not an immature friendship here. I'm looking for a true and honest friends. not just when we're having fun but also when we're having bitter moments too. :(.. and I thought being so far from you guys means that you guys will be missing me and still making me like I'm special for no reasons.and I know, you guys have not even touched this blog right? but I hope god will open your eyes and knew how much I want you guys back just like the way we met. so, this is officially no more four. it's just one. it's just based on the name only. but the exact truth is, i'm the only one here and no more FOUR. :( bubye.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

OMG ! am I acting like a diva right now?

this is a serious issue! I just fed-up with posers lately! I know it's normal to copy others. like duhh, ur just a regular person and so what if people been copying u all the time. ur not a diva or whatever. but I just can't stop thinking, don't they think it's lame to copy people? you're not just a looser but ur also some kind of a freak that has an obsession of copy and paste from others. be yourself dude! this is a big issue because if you keep doing it, ur just about to discover the creativity of others and NOT YOUR OWN. Teenager is the age of knowing yourself, then if you keep doing this, you just don't know the meaning of LOVING YOURSELF AS YOU REALLY ARE AND START APPRECIATING GOD'S precious give! think creatively! don't just stand there and being the next LOOSER. duh.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is what proper people did.

hey, what have u guys been up to this lately? i'm doing things called timetable so I will be a proper person not just in school but also at home. (eee nerds). haha anyway, this is not actually a schedule but it's a must to do everyday! like u MUST have to wear make up when u on a date or something. it's A MUST I tell ya. so i'm looking for someone to ask me to go swimming or something. I'm dying over for a swim! I want shopping too but I don't have enough $$. haha. and that's all and i'm too lazy to type anything everything something right now.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll be there, just wait.

Long time no post.'s a new record isn't it? heh. shoot. I will be taking the mid-year examination this may. pray for me guys. another months goes by and I am still waiting for my so called PMR. I will be sitting for it this year (as u all know). heh. and still, can't wait for the freedom that will satisfy me. so, what's ur plan after PMR guys? opss. Shouldn't I be asking about how to do well in PMR? heh. and congratulation to my old school, SMK TENGKU MIZAN ZAINAL ABIDIN. They won the speech choir for Kuala Terengganu Utara. I am so proud of u guys! I know u guys are the best. and speaking about the speech choir, have u ever heard of that? i don't and I never enter that kind of competition. it is choral speaking + choir. you're just adding a song to the choral speaking. best huh? I thought in Negeri Sembilan has a lot of activities and competition that will be held. but i'm wrong. and wrong. I'm so jealous of u guys there. and I miss being the little red riding hood. una's is taking my place in drama. I know u can do well girls. I know u can. heh. I miss Terengganu so much! Seriously, I never have this kind of feelings. I never felt thankful for what i've got there in Terengganu. and now, i am so regretted for what i've been feeling. I'm wrong. and I had done a lot of trouble and mistakes. I'm sorry. sorry and pray for me here. I want to success. and I hope u guys too. toodles.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My baby dah sembuh..

Setelah sebulan berada di wad kerana kerosakan, kini dia kembali pulih.

Thank you sis wawa and sis jaja for sending the unwell dslr to Shah Alam.

Perkara yang harus dibuat:
Kena jaga dslr dengan sepenuhnya selepas ini. I will take care of you! always do.
Study makes perfect.
Menjiwai Photography dengan baik. (atas arahan sis wawa)

I want to show you the difference between editing using photoscape and photoshop.



It seems don't have lots of differences right? but I'd prefer using photoshop because I'm addicted to it since sixth grade.
Fyi, that is a picture of my home sweet home. gahh.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the life of a new school girl....

in so called her new school. My personality had changed a lot. People judged me differently.

What am I crapping around here? Plus, I'm back with more I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO POST. Exam just start to begin next week for the first time of this year though for mathematics, I know I'm not 100% ready for it. Neither for the form 2 nor the form 3. I can't help it! Pray for me guys.

Fox's, I love u guys ok!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

here we go again

I hate text books.
I am sick of it.
I mean it!
I have to start studying from now on.
Here we go again..

1.February.2010 : Chess competition. (wish me the best of luck shall we?).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fact that cannot be accepted.

There are so many girls, and
so few princes.

I was about to change.

Model : Kak FarahZoey, Kak Yaya, Kak Irah .

When u have nice friends, all you could do is be nicer and nicer every time you spent time with them, right? and this is not a problem to me at all. I can go through with this kind of situation I had this past of week. I have nice new best friends. Nice new school. Nice teacher. Everything are magnificently nice.

I wasted a lot of times with my friends. the old one. I mean, the form 1. The word "hangout" was always in my dictionary. I almost hated being junior. I just want to pass the PMR and being sixteen as soon as possible. The most freedom age to me. I love boys! *oh shoot*. I love being pretty *almost insecure* and I want to do anything to make me pretty.

Next year, I'm gonna be fourteen.It was the best year for me though I had to study more because my class teacher was pushing everyone to do better on all subject especially her one, English. I don't have much troubled about the English one. The senior told us about her. She is not as bad as it told. She just care about us that's why she always get burst off every time we do thing she don't really like. I remembered the tiny little thing she hate was when she seen something called rubbish on the floor. Even as small as the eraser or pieces of small paper. She will be more fiercer than ever, seriously! Only god knows how I felt. Maybe everyone's feeling were the same as mine that time on. But at the end, she was still our most favourite teacher! The one who taught something that seriously I don't know especially about teacher's feeling.

So far, I was not being a good friends. I hate one of my own classmates. I tell bad things behind them. I hate school.Being pretty and insecure was only in my mind. That two words makes me feel miserily miserable! I just want to attract boys around me. How immature I am. Selfish. Dumb. Foolish. Disgustingly Brute!

A year passed by and I learned something from the past two years. The best person is the one who makes mistakes, learn from it and never do the same mistakes again. I met some friends who were bad, stunning, nice and what miley cyrus said, nobody's perfect. Even the Miss World makes mistake, right? Thanks to Anis and Fatin. They inspired me to write this post. They gave me love that none of my old best friend had gave to me. They treat me nicely as good friends does. Appreciation from my heart! I love you guys! Thank you for everything. Thank you for showing me the meaning of "true friend".

ze secret life's owner.


*No fatin's picture*

Friday, January 8, 2010

89.a week full of excitement.

week of studying. no! maybe month of studying. nope, year maybe! what?? *jangan mengeluh farah*. PMR yeah PMR or PMR no PMR. Regretted for not studying started from form 1 and 2. I've just seen form 3 text books. the geography one..and told myself how unlucky I am for not studying from form 1 and form 2 especially form 2 because the skala and arah and bla bla is one of the chapter in form 2 geography text book. how dumb I am for not taking the most precious opportunity of "cara berjaya dengan masa yang singkat"..said cikgu tahar to the pupil of 3 bestari. *ayat skema kot*. Saw the making of tooth fairy. The rock is the main character. and He play as the tooth fairy. how fucking cute he is. the rock is toothyy! *pe yang merepek ni?*. oh yeah and about the title of my post..I'm talking about the school. Even if I'm the PMR candidate, the teachers really wanted us to joined co-curriculum activities such as kawad kaki and etc. But not wajib la. but at my old school, the teacher won't let us join any fun activities. just kelas tambahan, kelas tambahan, text books, focus and focus during class *ofcourse, duhh!*. but all I could think of now is studying. no more total fun. I mean it guys! Pray for my success..I just don't get it why people taking PMR too seriously. and now I do know why and I wish to just studying instead of berfoya-foya and bergaloks-gete with friends in form 1 and form 2. what a waste of time right? and now I don't have to practice to be a nerd anymore because I'm just one of them. and If I don't get A's in Mathematics, I can't take Add Math next year and SPM. and add math is the most important thing in the world to me! and for your information, I really hate math! I hate it! man..*pissed off*pufffhhhh. haha! ok thats it, im outta here! adios dear.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I woke up in the morning feeling tired and hope to be as fresh as I could. As usual, brush my teeth, comb my hair and bathed. My mom was the one who sent me to school that morning. I saw pupil from different religious, India, Chinese(almost) and most of all Malay. I had to signed in as a new student so my mom send me to school late than usual. Then, I have to look for Penyelaras Tingkatan 3 in 4ID. Every eyes were on me. She told me that I'm in the class 3 Bestari. There are 6 classes. Arif,Bestari,Cekal,Dinamik,Efektif,Fadilah. A to the B to the C then the D to the E to the F*rapping mood*. Anis was my new best friends and one more, Fatin. I love them! They are lovely. Not just on the outside, but the inside was like an angel friend. They helped me to take the text books as I am new there. I had to leave pancaragam and took Kadet Remaja as my uniform. I also joined the Quarter Master Club. Actually I'd really wanted Photography&Travelling but there were lots of chinese who joined it and none of my friends were in it. Since I was in 1st grade, the teacher always wanted me to join Rumah Merah as my Rumah Sukan until now(form 3). All of a sudden, I just love my school! I mean it. I felt so comfortable each and everyday. The guys were not as bad as it seems. So it's good for me and my PMR. heh. BRAVOOOO! BRAVOOO! and ze most important thing is, I would like to say..well..umm...not so long...IM SORRY..Sorry for not updating my post. and good luck for ze PMR. study smart then hard. ok, adios sayang!