Sunday, December 26, 2010


My life had been so great this past of weeks and the first thing I need to do is : PRAY TO ALLAH. because of Him, I could create non-faking smile EVERYDAY. but I admit, I had an unsettled probs because if you're always happy, then you're not SO NORMAL. seriously! so, JUST smile even when u have probs. because WE NEVER know how much fun it could when we're just SMILING. I just started to make it as one of my habits. This justin BIBIR's song-U SMILE are specially for those who are in sadness and pain. :)

SECONDLY, my heart becomes stronger nowadays. maybe my sister is right! she said if you're happy and getting more HEALTHIER, then your love for SOMEONE SPECIAL is RIGHT. and if he/she makes u MORE MISERABLE like, UHH XDE SELERA MAKAN. MANDI XBASAH. wth? then stop the relationship and just PRAY TO ALLAH and this is what we called the SPECIALTY of prayer :). WE THINK OF ALLAH EVERYDAY then He will always think of you. He will find you a good one. So just stop thinking about it and start to appreciate everything.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Semua budak pmr this year msti tau punye ape ade dgn 23 nieh. OH YES, u got me! RESULT. wow. so sblm je nombor 23 nieh muncul utk bulan 12 nieh, baik korang puaskan diri have fun and buat anything yg boleh melupekan bile saat kene bebel2 dgn mak ayah sbb result teruk (kalo teruk). so just prepare! fuhhh. tapi for me, parents maybe xkan bebel but yelah, dissapointed gile kot. sbb all I want for next year is...iss....ISSSSSSSSSS :

1st ; took sains tulen. yeah. ape boleh buat. yg tu je harapan aku. bcoz my heart says so. wow? haha.

2nd ; bile org tye... jibah, dpt bape A? 8A JE. wow. haha. kn sodap tuh bile sebut. org dgr pon sojuk je ati jdiknye right? haha.

3rd ; kalo xkene bebel, msti punye ah ati parents aku kecewa. mmg lah xnampak. but ade punye ah. kesiannye. 3 thun blaja tuh babe! wow.

kesimpulannye, ape pon terjadik. whatever it iss, kene REDHA! betui. Allah lebih mengetahui ape yg kite xketahui. maybe it's the best for me kalo xdpt 8a. Dia dh rancang yg terbaek utk kite sume. okeh apeape hal, GOOD LUCK and jangan bersedih :).

(anyway, beginilah aku when CANDID yg superhypehappygirl bile nak dpt result nnti.haha)

Friday, December 10, 2010

This is coooooooool

Let's start to pose like a model NOW girls !

Webcamming in the car

aiman haziq ckp ;ikan keli !

candid sehh aku

ni habis control beb !

candid part II

Control part II

lahhh last skali ngntuk sbb duk webcam jeh .smpai ke destinasi nye pon xgi ! :( zzzzzZZZz

kesimpulannye ,this is my new hobby okeh ! repeat ;NEW HOBBY. sesape rse nak follow hobby nieh, charge laptop awal2 kt umah then online dlm! haha bye