Thursday, January 20, 2011

my blog has expired.

bad news : my blog is LIKE so silent right now. idk why but I just don't wanna think about it. maybe it's tougher than addmath. DAMN. ok maybe this is the best reasons why, jeng jeng!

first, I don't usually do the blog updating thingy. like I'm lazy to do so bcoz maybe updating blog is more complicating than writing a diary. (like duhh ofcos).

second, I hate the so called BLOGWALKING. it's like a must to every bloggers because that's the only way promoting ur blog except you're famous like hanis zalikha, hana tajima, yuna and others famous bloggers.

third, I don't think people kept visiting my blog. seriously. so I don't give a damn to it. thankfully ;p.

so maybe this is the reasons why my blog is like a library. SILENT. nobody is keeping their eyes on to read it. so, salam everyone :)

Friday, January 7, 2011



pada musim tengkujuh ni lah time plg SO CALLED RIGHT utk mempamerkan makanan2 yang OH SO DELICIOUS. wow! cmne, terliuh x? terliuh x?! *innocent face*

anyway, seriously tgh2 ujan + sojuk ni lah buatkan aku igt time enjoying makanan2 kt deli deli new york dkt OU. :( and oso, mee sup kt kantin STEMZA yg slalu aku makan. like WAJIB pegi kantin cepat2 sbb mee sup tu confirm punye abes cpt. BAK KATE OM PUTEH, first come, first served.