Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Babe, don't worry :)

When I was 13, I always thought being PERFECT is easy and told myself I have to be one of them just like those popular girls in my school especially the SENIOR. I started to make a move and do practice on how to be perfect like gonna have a NICE HAIR, NICE SKIN and NICE BRAIN. I just want people to view me positively and just throw away the negiteveness on me. But when I'm just about to be fifteen, I moved out to a new school. My mind just changed. I knew there's something wrong with being perfect. You've just controlled yourself like what malay said ; CONTROL AYU, CONTROL SENYUM, CONTROL MAKAN, CONTROL WTH lah and all that. You just can't be yourself and stucked with NOT YOURSELF kind of stuff. I know, boys are just love to see girls with AYU personality right? but wth man. You're not an actress that have to act as an ayu girl babe. You just gotta be a girl with a personality and that's what makes you SPECIAL. people see you differently. and stop thinking what people said about you. They just don't know you yet. fyi, THERE JUST TWO people in this world ; bad and good -my name is khan. so choose. that's all you got. 50 % with you attitude(good or bad) and 50% with you personality. so, this is what I ended up with, being me and DOESN'T EVEN CARE as long as it makes people feel GOOD. yeahh :)