Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

chest competition(nerd only)

guess what? me and teyha joined chest competition for the first time..what a nerd eh?lol. chest kind of fun btw.. but sometimes it makes me stress out. i was lucky on the first, third and fourth round..but the second, fifth and six round i lose. what a, this is actually my first time playing chest. *wink*

first round-
me vs smk padang kemunting.(najihah)

second round-

me vs smk manir.(nurul ain nabilah.)

third round-
me vs smk manir.(cant remember her name!)

fourth round-
me vs sesma.(i cant remember her name either. but she's kinda cute)

me vs mrsm kuala terengganu. (that girl sure is a nerd. opsssss!kidding.)

sixth round-
me vs smk ibrahim fikri.(i knew it! she's a pro. i call her kak azreen.)

let me calculate..
oh, i only won 3/6.
like gosh! im not a nerd. am i? *grin*

teyha won 2.
same goes to wahida.

dahlia won 2.

and i got no 6!
wahida 23 or something.
teyha idk.

wahida with her scandiliciously scandal!

me and dahlia. (oh my eyebags! it makes my face looks like a clown)

p/s: maryam, ur school totally pro in chest! i mean it!
am i a nerd? pls say no!