Friday, January 30, 2009

cuppy yummy!

on thursday night, me, sis irah, sis nana, teyha, and lil bro helped sis wawa makes deliciously yummy tastic!

here are some picture of da cuppy. sorry for not editing any of these pic. im so lazy right now;

*meleleh air liur*

p/s: before that, we went to bb seafood for some dinner!

guess what? this tuesday is my birthday! sweet 14 baby!
and yeah, time to study! fun time is over babe! exam is just around the corner.. i hate exam..exam hates me?!

Monday, January 26, 2009

1st day of school..bowling....and bla bla..

firstly, i wanna say sorry cos i didnt post any entry this lately...i kinda busy ok..sorry mccorryy!!
and yeah, 1st day of school kinda ok but after the merentas desa...idk what to say laa. so kaki cannot move..(ecehh....lebih2 plak)....and ppl keep asking me this question; -farah, awk xjd pengawas ke?-//-bkpe dok pakai baju pengawas perpustakaan?-

lps merentas desa..penat!!! peluh penuhh kt muka.(tp xnampak)


no angpau this year...sorry! ;p.

oh and today (26/Jan/2009) me, sis irah, sis wawa, sis asy, sis zah, lil bro, bro anas, bro kama, bro yong went to gong badak stadium to play are some pic;

guess which one is me?

bro ??????