Sunday, May 31, 2009

no more edward cullen?

why not jacob in this poster?;p moon! can't wait...jacob looks so hot in new moon..but twilight? not! his new hair...after this, people will in love with jacob more than edward..haha. new moon trailer go here
see ya guys.

a girl,

Friday, May 29, 2009


new layout guys! we, the fourtography, want to thanked sis irah for helping us making this layouts. love ya yah! hehe...anyway, red all over here? haha..that's the theme..vampire month?? hehe..just kidding..gbah and eyda can't wait for new moon..robert is so damn hot...not robert but edward..huhuhuuu..

4 in one,

from farah(gbah).

guys, i wanna go kl. i want to shop-ping.i want to meet my old friends. i want to do something. i want to gossipping with teyha. i want to see pizza. i want to have K. i want to go to public library to bergaru2 with eyda. i want swimming. i want to eat domino's. i want to go to london. i want chocolate. i want white skin. i want to go to cotton island.

still me,

what ever by wahida(eyda)

hari ni aku ketawa nak pecah perut, psal ada org pijak tahi kucing kat perhimpunan. Masuk class aku menangis bengkak mata kes shahiran or what ever...pastu kliru pasal omongan najwa dan gbah...pokoknya....sebelum cuti ni...aku dpt merasakan pelbagai perasaan dan tingkah laku or whatever...tapi apa yg penting...aku merasa begitu seronok krn ada kwn mcm fourtography...walaupun aku agak sedih dgn apa yang berlaku td...i'm glad you are still my best ever friend!! sebelum cuti2 Malaysia nie...aku xnak ah gaduh2 k...aku harap korang dpt maafkan segala kesilapan dan kesalahan aku..yerlah...kita mana tahu apa nk jadi..masa cuti nanti? mane2 pn korang cuti aku harap korang jgn lupekan aku kt sini....

have fun!!
ku bukan superstars,

Sunday, May 24, 2009


from now on, teyha, eyda and grah akn start post dlm blog ni. jd, this blog is not just for me but for the fourtography the name of the blog, fourtographysecretblabla..right? so, enjoy! anything just ask me..

first, let me introduce you the fourtography girls..

eyda, teyha, grah, me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i dont know what kind of post is this...random maybe..

examination. ayat glamer for the nerd ofcos. heh, just kidding. today, i cant even pay attention cos cikgu sikit2 pergi kat zuhairah. funneh right? a teacher suddenly in love with a school girl? seperti ape ek? huh..anyway, i suddenly in love with someone! urghhh..farah! stop! pay attention! jgnnnnn..huh??? what? eh??what ever..yesterday, fakhri went to my desk and said; eh, awak comel la! like what the eh eh is going on here? my so called enemy suddenly said that..freakin me out gitu..ok ok..and there's one day, me and wahida on the way to the class, so terpaksa lalu tepi tandas lelaki and then one group of boys said; anak patung datang! anak patung datang! and then wahida said; ohh farah ye kate ke; x, die kte kt awk la wahida..and wahida asked them; korang ckp kt siape uh anak patung? boys said; kat kwn awk tu....wahida; kate dh!! diorang kate kt; arghh..why? haha..whatever..anak patung is so not my style....guys, stop la making bodoh things..freakehh!

to nina; oh meee goddie! ur voice is so sweet..such a lovely voice u have there..lav it..lav it..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

missing pendrive

i looked everywhere but i cant seem to find my so called fav pen drive..
i still am looking for it..but still, cant find it.
guys, help me!
first, my phone..
second, my computer still not working..
and lastly, my pen drive..
my pen drive is driving me crazeh..
now, i only had my mp3..
one of my fav things..heh..

oh and talk about drama audition, i want to sing so far away..heh..or hurt-christina story-taylor swift? what do guys think? hurmm..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

teenage blues

im totally in love with the choral speaking! love it. oh and did i mentioned about the missing phone? i lost my phone..and my pendrive twice. idk where i put the pendrive. oh god, help me! i want my phoneyy backky..huh..i miss shopping AGAIN. hehe..well, stop bebel-ing! haha. bye