Sunday, December 27, 2009

87.Let's party-ing!

all I could think of now is party with friends or slumber party fr girls only. daanngg! why does my stomach hurt so bad? It's all because of the PMR. I kept thinking about it and here goes my tummy. I miss my girl friends! Next year: NEW school, NEW teachers, NEW friends and most of all, NEW freaking year. My dad told me that i'm the only girl who took Kemahiran Teknikal(Pilihan Kemahiran Hidup) at my so called new school. So here goes..*im typing slowly so you guys could understand*..IM THE ONLY GIRL WHO TOOK KEMAHIRAN TEKNIKAL AND THE OTHERS TOOK EKONOMI RUMAH TANGGA. so you guys had experienced this kind of situation?The question is, How to focus in class during kemahiran hidup because all over me are boys and no girls. I had no idea what i'm gonna typing right now! PEOPLE,PEOPLE.. join the scribble's song contest. Yesterday,watched santau. You should watch it too except for pregnant woman and if u had a heart attack. but seriously, the boom! not a typical malay's horror film i tell ya! so, adios madam!

-party in the usa-miley cyrus!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

86.thinking of u

Sedang aku bosan menunggu adik and kakak aku keluar membeli makanan, tibe tibe je aku teringat suasana dalam bas semasa on the way ke ETP dari Taman Budaya. Time tu kitorang baru shj lepas habes buat presentation Drama mewakili BTPN. Sejurus kami turun, aku pun terdengar SI DIA memasang lagu Crazier-Taylor Swift. Dia mcm tau2 je aku suka lagu tu an. But time tu hanya tuhan shj tau cmne feeling aku time tuh. Sebenarnye ade la jugak scene yg aku xcerita kat korang sebab agak sensored bagi aku and dia la. So now aku dah start tulis blog guna bahasa rojak atau kakak aku kata bahasa pasar. ek? haha. Sebenarnye kakak aku ade jugak kate dia xsuka tengok orang tulis gune bahasa campur. I mean Bahasa Melayu plus Bahasa Inggeris. Macam struggle sangat nak tulis BI. Pedulik laa. Semalam baru je habis unloading stuff and hari ni belum habis lagi unpacking cos diorang semua pergi keluar beli barang2 for rumah. Aku xikut pasal xmandi lagi. HAA, kantoi xmandi pagi. EEEE. haha. okey.

so now, sape sokong aku letak shoutmix balik? Saya Sokong! *xpayah tanya xhape. gedik je!*. ADIOS baby.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

so long my trusted friend..

Farewell terengganu! Dulu, I used to say bye bye kt kawan and cikgu time last day at primary school especially soya pak awie yg xde kt secondary school except tok jiring. And now, bukan kate bye2 kt fren je but also Terengganu. Sedih plak bile igt bitter sweet memories kt terengganu. especially good times I spent with my frenz not just in prim school but also secondary. I miss u guys! nnti la bile dslr dh di fixed, I will upload my new home sweet home! anyway, Berape week je lgi tinggal then new year. xsabar nye tunggu Year yang so called new or as known as 2010. The most terrifying yg akan happen ialah kena menghadapi PMR. Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah*errkk. kene ke tulis yang penuh* and also kena menyesuaikan diri kat new school. Kalau pindah school kt same negeri tak hape la jugak kan. Oh yeah, best jugak nilai ni. Ingat kan nothing but sebenarnye ade jugak something.Maybe kena school kat SMK Taman Semarak, nilai Negeri Sembilan. Kire 6-7 minit la dri rumah ke sekolah. So, anything just ask me! I'm free all the time but not this week kot. xsiap lagi unpacking my stuff and yg lain. so, adios babeh.

Monday, December 7, 2009

since I was in 3rd grade, I used to play neopets with my sis Irah. She helped me with styling the layouts cos we wanted to enter the html contest but we never had a chance to win because most of them were pro. Now, my lil bro is playing my most of the time favourite online games but he is not addicted to it like me. Then, I saw MalaysiaTM guild (some kind of group or club) then I get excited and joined it. I met malaysian friends who were playing neopets and most of them were Malay and Islam. They had lots of avatar, trophies and neopoints. Like 1million neopoints a year or maybe a month. We have to play games to earn neopoints and if we have the highest score, we will win trophy and maybe avatar if it is included by the neopets team. I stopped playing it when I was in 6th Grade. Now, I'm addicted to facebook and myspace. I get kind of pissed of with friendster because people kept playing facebook. heh.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

1 happy day

I've just got rm25 prepaid from celcom. Huaa. Just deleted my shoutmix and now I know why people kept deleting their shoutmix or something like that. heh. so, can't wait to move out! I will miss my friends. anyway, I want to delete my blog but I don't have time to make a new one cos I just so in love with this blog. Then I realized I should just delete my shoutmix in case of some biatch came by. I felt so stupid right now but I know feeling stupid cannot change your past. I filled up my holidays doing nothing but surfing (wish it was a real surfing). Watching Tv's and craving to read the form 3 textbooks but I don't have one cos i'm just about to move out. So, watcha all doin'? Just read Breaking Dawn (Eclipse SAGA). But I don't have the mood to finish it. Hey, listen to these songs; fifteen-taylor swift and you're not sorry-taylor swift. I know it's not one of the new song but I just loved it and I know u would!, k, bye and my grammar sucks!

Friday, December 4, 2009


first, i love my brother's ebook. I mean the webcam. heh. love it.
second, look at my pimples on my nose in the picture above. heh.
lastly, stay cool. chill out. and listen to this song; so in love-love story in harvard OST.