Saturday, October 30, 2010

auwh auwh gedik nyee ;p

yeah! this song is really girlish plus gedik right? haha. but I love it. I remembered, the first time I heard this song is when me, dina, awe, syeera and syarfa have a fun time cooking at dina's kitchen bcoz we get so hungry. Dina lead us because she knows to cook. and fyi, bukan masak air atau nasi sahaja. hahaha. We started to make a playlist on syeera's phone. and she started to play OH!-snsd. it's a cool song dude! love it and give me an idea to put it in my blog~I miss that moment though, I know it's hard to hangout with you guys like that bcoz.....I don't know maybe you guys are just too busy. but hey,, I will make sure that moment will be coming back later on! just wait. HAHA. okey bye :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fourtography no more :(

FOURtography is wayyyy out of the line. it's so like last year. but I'm sure miss those three cheeks babyy! hrmm :(. they just stop contact me and started to do ANTI-FARAH NAJIBAH stuff. what is going on here buddy? I thought you guys are old enough to think that what you guys did was a total CHILDISH kind of stuff. this is not an immature friendship here. I'm looking for a true and honest friends. not just when we're having fun but also when we're having bitter moments too. :(.. and I thought being so far from you guys means that you guys will be missing me and still making me like I'm special for no reasons.and I know, you guys have not even touched this blog right? but I hope god will open your eyes and knew how much I want you guys back just like the way we met. so, this is officially no more four. it's just one. it's just based on the name only. but the exact truth is, i'm the only one here and no more FOUR. :( bubye.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

OMG ! am I acting like a diva right now?

this is a serious issue! I just fed-up with posers lately! I know it's normal to copy others. like duhh, ur just a regular person and so what if people been copying u all the time. ur not a diva or whatever. but I just can't stop thinking, don't they think it's lame to copy people? you're not just a looser but ur also some kind of a freak that has an obsession of copy and paste from others. be yourself dude! this is a big issue because if you keep doing it, ur just about to discover the creativity of others and NOT YOUR OWN. Teenager is the age of knowing yourself, then if you keep doing this, you just don't know the meaning of LOVING YOURSELF AS YOU REALLY ARE AND START APPRECIATING GOD'S precious give! think creatively! don't just stand there and being the next LOOSER. duh.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is what proper people did.

hey, what have u guys been up to this lately? i'm doing things called timetable so I will be a proper person not just in school but also at home. (eee nerds). haha anyway, this is not actually a schedule but it's a must to do everyday! like u MUST have to wear make up when u on a date or something. it's A MUST I tell ya. so i'm looking for someone to ask me to go swimming or something. I'm dying over for a swim! I want shopping too but I don't have enough $$. haha. and that's all and i'm too lazy to type anything everything something right now.