Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Copy-cat! copy kucing?! ;p

yup, copy cat..copy cat...what a loser..menyampah btol lahhh.. slalu camni...msti ke kena copy???! best ke??? kalo nk copy skit2 tu xpe jugak..ni straight pergi tulis vintage lens..too bad for my sis..sbb die yg reka nama vintage lens tu utk group fourtography kami..

p/s; xbermaksud nk memalukan sesiapa dlm hal ni..(identiti org ni xbley di beritahu..hrap mklom)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

baby, it's over!

almost over baby! i mean holiday..1 week of fun..relaxation..and homework? huh. i hate school. but i love being a teenager.

also cant wait for drama practise this sunday..heh. wish to be the heroin. (yucks!perasan). haha..dont want to study! dont want to do home work..want to photoshoot, shopping and anything that teenagers love to do..

60 earth hour

p/s; dont forget to switch off ur light this Saturday 28 March 2009/ 8.30 pm.

click here for more information..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

taring anu (terengganu)

back? no way man! i dont want to go back to terengganu cos i have to go to school then do my school work. seriously! heh.

the chinese boy in the bus were fcukingly weird. not that weirdly weird but just weird. there were three of them. the white shirt; kind of ganas. the red shirt;kureng matured.the black shirt;aww2 skit. when they're out of the bus, i looked at the black shirt one (bkn sbb suke, tp xbley thn tgk die jln. me jahat!;p). and then the white shirt, he looked at sis yah and then smiled. oh my!

we also took some pic of us time berangan! ;p

p/s; i met one of my junior. i dont remember his name. but he's now in form 1. he looks cute. he just smiled at me. and i dont know what to say to him..just smiled back. heh. sorry lil bro, im speechless! menyesal x cakap dgn die! arghh. mesti die ckp sombong..;(

Monday, March 16, 2009

1 week

1st day of school holiday maybe kind of F.U.N, but yesterday (17.march.09); i had a fight with my so called sista (which im not goin' to tell you the name). i don't know why I cried...and i blew out my word yesterday..

sorry sister.

we went to 1 utama. my sis yah and sis ja watched jonas brother 3D concert. me and my cousin watched sayang u can dance.. (seriously, xbest tp romantik!uhh)

the heritage kind of awesome! love it. and yeah, we went to the heritage(our kondominium).
no. bilik kami!

went to alamanda. we had lunch at the manhattan fish. heheee. and then watched geng upin dan ipin (best!! klaka gileeeeeee.) pastu s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g!

Friday, March 13, 2009


conversation between shahirah, farah and fatihah
shahirah : geramnye aku dengan perangai wahida!

farah : bakpe pulak? aku tgk biasa je.
shahirah : mu tahu dok ye wak perangai g*d*k ye dpn lelaki kt pustake takdi. dohla cakap kl.

farah : ye dok? pastu2..
shahirah : kalau dengan kite, dop pulok ckp kl! ckp kasar je. boleh je ckp tganu! ****** pn satu..boleh ye kacau wahida time aku ade..geram benar aku. rase mcm nok putus je dgn die!

farah : wa-e-deeng bkpe jd gitu orh? guane la ******** boleh suke die. dohla ******** hensem! hehee. lol.

fatihah : entahlah..aku pn dok tahu..bakpe mu ambik gok ye masuk dlm kumpulan fourtography?

shahirah : tahu gok eh! kite bukannye g*d*k cm die.

farah : xpela...ye baik gok ape..


conversation between shahirah, wahida, shahiran and farah

wahida : hi shahiran..

shahiran : hor..bkpe? *sambil control macho dpn awek ye*

wahida : dok..saje..tolongla sy ambil seksafon tu..hehe..

shahiran : sy busy la..sorry..

farah : pemalas ngoh mu ork...awek suruh xmboh wak...dohla control macho sokmo.
shahirah : i love you shahiran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wahida : *terkejut*

shahiran : *senyum*

wahida : *lari dgn muke masam*

farah : owos shahirah! wahida ngajuk doh tu!! hahahahhahahahhaha!

: padan muke wahida! g*d*k ngat nge ******!!

fly awayy.

tonight, im going to the airport..im going kl. i don't feel so happy cos of my face! uhh. i hate it. fcukingly hating this thing on my face. suck plus stupid. bye bye school. bye principal. haha. ;p

i want this! buy me one! buy me one!;p. heh. my mum didn't want me to use her credit card to buy this. she told me to ask sis bila. my dad said if i want this, i have to get straight A in year-end exam. like what the eh?
price; RM50 ( lelong.com.my).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

welcome to pluto?

o my face! what happen to my face? urgh! terribly terrible ok.
all my friend just, "farah, kenape dgn muke awk huh? teruknye!"

cikgu nazri,"bkpe pulok muke awk ni farah?".
me,"doktor kate xboleh panas ngat cikgu, xbley kena matahari sgt."
cikgu,"kalau gitu pakai baju angkasawan tu jela. dok pn tinggal kt planet pluto.

i was like? uh uh uh.
girls, help me! what should i do? malu...

crap! uh. anyway, holiday just for one week? what a relief! kl, here i come. tata school, and hello holiday.

i already miss wahida, shahirah and norizan. they're all went to anggulia for prefect's camp. guys, have fun okayh! heh.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

get back.

im going kl this friday -13.march.2009-. want to relax my mind after preparing the tov-exam and after a stressful week of studying. i miss shingsha! and i miss shopping. my sis yah also can't wait for the jb 3d concert at the cinema. heh.

9.mac.09-HAPPY MAULIDUR RASUL to all muslim and muslimah!