Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello readers, how's ur raya going on? mine just so awesome! all of my family gathered around in my grandma's house except sis bila. She spent her Raya in Ireland. I miss you! I wish all my friends were here too. Anyway, i know im not often posting in here. I don't know what kind of story should I wrote.

2 days before raya, sis irah, sis bila, me, bro and mummy went to Sultan Mahmud Airport. Flight was delayed. shoot!

1 days before raya, sent sis bila to Ireland but in KLIA.

Raya Day, went to Batu Pahat Johor (grandma's house).

3rd day of raya, went to Negeri Sembilan.

4th day of raya, went swimming at the heritage residence and then shopping.

5th day of raya, went to LCCT. Alhamdulillah, thank god flight not delayed.

26.09.2009-Happy Birthday Wahida!

cube korang bace blog ni, TEKAN.
So funny.

Anyone yg ad friendster, do Add me ok.