Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll be there, just wait.

Long time no post. wait..it's a new record isn't it? heh. shoot. I will be taking the mid-year examination this may. pray for me guys. another months goes by and I am still waiting for my so called PMR. I will be sitting for it this year (as u all know). heh. and still, can't wait for the freedom that will satisfy me. so, what's ur plan after PMR guys? opss. Shouldn't I be asking about how to do well in PMR? heh. and congratulation to my old school, SMK TENGKU MIZAN ZAINAL ABIDIN. They won the speech choir for Kuala Terengganu Utara. I am so proud of u guys! I know u guys are the best. and speaking about the speech choir, have u ever heard of that? i don't and I never enter that kind of competition. it is choral speaking + choir. you're just adding a song to the choral speaking. best huh? I thought in Negeri Sembilan has a lot of activities and competition that will be held. but i'm wrong. and wrong. I'm so jealous of u guys there. and I miss being the little red riding hood. una's is taking my place in drama. I know u can do well girls. I know u can. heh. I miss Terengganu so much! Seriously, I never have this kind of feelings. I never felt thankful for what i've got there in Terengganu. and now, i am so regretted for what i've been feeling. I'm wrong. and I had done a lot of trouble and mistakes. I'm sorry. sorry and pray for me here. I want to success. and I hope u guys too. toodles.