Sunday, December 27, 2009

87.Let's party-ing!

all I could think of now is party with friends or slumber party fr girls only. daanngg! why does my stomach hurt so bad? It's all because of the PMR. I kept thinking about it and here goes my tummy. I miss my girl friends! Next year: NEW school, NEW teachers, NEW friends and most of all, NEW freaking year. My dad told me that i'm the only girl who took Kemahiran Teknikal(Pilihan Kemahiran Hidup) at my so called new school. So here goes..*im typing slowly so you guys could understand*..IM THE ONLY GIRL WHO TOOK KEMAHIRAN TEKNIKAL AND THE OTHERS TOOK EKONOMI RUMAH TANGGA. so you guys had experienced this kind of situation?The question is, How to focus in class during kemahiran hidup because all over me are boys and no girls. I had no idea what i'm gonna typing right now! PEOPLE,PEOPLE.. join the scribble's song contest. Yesterday,watched santau. You should watch it too except for pregnant woman and if u had a heart attack. but seriously, the boom! not a typical malay's horror film i tell ya! so, adios madam!

-party in the usa-miley cyrus!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

86.thinking of u

Sedang aku bosan menunggu adik and kakak aku keluar membeli makanan, tibe tibe je aku teringat suasana dalam bas semasa on the way ke ETP dari Taman Budaya. Time tu kitorang baru shj lepas habes buat presentation Drama mewakili BTPN. Sejurus kami turun, aku pun terdengar SI DIA memasang lagu Crazier-Taylor Swift. Dia mcm tau2 je aku suka lagu tu an. But time tu hanya tuhan shj tau cmne feeling aku time tuh. Sebenarnye ade la jugak scene yg aku xcerita kat korang sebab agak sensored bagi aku and dia la. So now aku dah start tulis blog guna bahasa rojak atau kakak aku kata bahasa pasar. ek? haha. Sebenarnye kakak aku ade jugak kate dia xsuka tengok orang tulis gune bahasa campur. I mean Bahasa Melayu plus Bahasa Inggeris. Macam struggle sangat nak tulis BI. Pedulik laa. Semalam baru je habis unloading stuff and hari ni belum habis lagi unpacking cos diorang semua pergi keluar beli barang2 for rumah. Aku xikut pasal xmandi lagi. HAA, kantoi xmandi pagi. EEEE. haha. okey.

so now, sape sokong aku letak shoutmix balik? Saya Sokong! *xpayah tanya xhape. gedik je!*. ADIOS baby.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

so long my trusted friend..

Farewell terengganu! Dulu, I used to say bye bye kt kawan and cikgu time last day at primary school especially soya pak awie yg xde kt secondary school except tok jiring. And now, bukan kate bye2 kt fren je but also Terengganu. Sedih plak bile igt bitter sweet memories kt terengganu. especially good times I spent with my frenz not just in prim school but also secondary. I miss u guys! nnti la bile dslr dh di fixed, I will upload my new home sweet home! anyway, Berape week je lgi tinggal then new year. xsabar nye tunggu Year yang so called new or as known as 2010. The most terrifying yg akan happen ialah kena menghadapi PMR. Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah*errkk. kene ke tulis yang penuh* and also kena menyesuaikan diri kat new school. Kalau pindah school kt same negeri tak hape la jugak kan. Oh yeah, best jugak nilai ni. Ingat kan nothing but sebenarnye ade jugak something.Maybe kena school kat SMK Taman Semarak, nilai Negeri Sembilan. Kire 6-7 minit la dri rumah ke sekolah. So, anything just ask me! I'm free all the time but not this week kot. xsiap lagi unpacking my stuff and yg lain. so, adios babeh.

Monday, December 7, 2009

since I was in 3rd grade, I used to play neopets with my sis Irah. She helped me with styling the layouts cos we wanted to enter the html contest but we never had a chance to win because most of them were pro. Now, my lil bro is playing my most of the time favourite online games but he is not addicted to it like me. Then, I saw MalaysiaTM guild (some kind of group or club) then I get excited and joined it. I met malaysian friends who were playing neopets and most of them were Malay and Islam. They had lots of avatar, trophies and neopoints. Like 1million neopoints a year or maybe a month. We have to play games to earn neopoints and if we have the highest score, we will win trophy and maybe avatar if it is included by the neopets team. I stopped playing it when I was in 6th Grade. Now, I'm addicted to facebook and myspace. I get kind of pissed of with friendster because people kept playing facebook. heh.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

1 happy day

I've just got rm25 prepaid from celcom. Huaa. Just deleted my shoutmix and now I know why people kept deleting their shoutmix or something like that. heh. so, can't wait to move out! I will miss my friends. anyway, I want to delete my blog but I don't have time to make a new one cos I just so in love with this blog. Then I realized I should just delete my shoutmix in case of some biatch came by. I felt so stupid right now but I know feeling stupid cannot change your past. I filled up my holidays doing nothing but surfing (wish it was a real surfing). Watching Tv's and craving to read the form 3 textbooks but I don't have one cos i'm just about to move out. So, watcha all doin'? Just read Breaking Dawn (Eclipse SAGA). But I don't have the mood to finish it. Hey, listen to these songs; fifteen-taylor swift and you're not sorry-taylor swift. I know it's not one of the new song but I just loved it and I know u would!, k, bye and my grammar sucks!

Friday, December 4, 2009


first, i love my brother's ebook. I mean the webcam. heh. love it.
second, look at my pimples on my nose in the picture above. heh.
lastly, stay cool. chill out. and listen to this song; so in love-love story in harvard OST.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

1,2,3 go!

I'm into team Edward! I love Jacob but not that into him. Just watched new moon yesterday. Kristen Stewart looks hotter than before! Dakota Fanning grew up to be a hot girl indeed. Went to Song Box karaoke at East Coast Mall, Kuantan. I can't seem to put the picture in the pc because the Dslr usb seems to have some problems that none of us can fix it. Somehow I must put it.

Friday, November 27, 2009


wats goin' on wit the blog? thus, im back! good news maybe?
wireless modem at home gettin' sux. used daddy's broadband.

the wireless

the broaddie!

guys, i miss drama! i miss being miss red (woot?!). heh. last sunday, we had a surprised partehh fr auntie hasbi and also me bcos im moving out to nilai,negeri sembilan this 17.12.2009, insyaAllah. so, daa Kuala Terengganu, Old Fwenz and Everyone I know in Terengganu. I will miss u and my home sweet home here.

Happy Eid Mubarak to all muslim and muslimah. I had so much fun celebrating this special event this year!

I made these fr my sis bila. With the help of sis Irah She needs it for her Islamic Society thing. I used my own picture of the masjid. It was Masjid Kristal I took back then when im visiting Taman Tamadun Islam.

This blog was no more fr 4tography because im so far away with them next year and im lazy to do one fr me.

so anyone want to watch new moon with me? I can't wait to go kl. Come and join me! let's have some funn babehh!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


hee. just want to show u my latest picture. *show off*

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little red riding hood the musical

featuring; the wolf,miss red,miss blue,mama,grandma,woodland creatures.

as i walked to the stage, everyone just looked at me and started to laugh. i felt nothing but making sure myself looks just like miss red or as known as miss gedik. after the presentation on stage, some little girl went to me and asked for my number. and they also said they so in love with miss red and the wolf. same goes to miss blue, my heart stopped beating when she sang why do you love me-rio febrian and wishing on a star-miriam stockley. Her voice was as lovely as mans voice can be.

Friday, November 13, 2009

butterfly in my stomach

old pictures and i miss that moment!

im so scared everytime i think about drama or as known as little red riding hood character things. i don't know why but i can't be apart of her. i just can't. maybe i should learn from wahida. she is more like miss red and i am not and i can't be like her cos it's too hard for me as i am not soo gedik on the outside. im not telling wahida is gedik but i just know she can do better than me. anyway, i felt so happy!

all i want to say is, wish me luck for the presentation this monday! im such a stage fright kind of person. so i hope i can do the best and make auntie hasbi proud and also my mom and friends.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello readers, how's ur raya going on? mine just so awesome! all of my family gathered around in my grandma's house except sis bila. She spent her Raya in Ireland. I miss you! I wish all my friends were here too. Anyway, i know im not often posting in here. I don't know what kind of story should I wrote.

2 days before raya, sis irah, sis bila, me, bro and mummy went to Sultan Mahmud Airport. Flight was delayed. shoot!

1 days before raya, sent sis bila to Ireland but in KLIA.

Raya Day, went to Batu Pahat Johor (grandma's house).

3rd day of raya, went to Negeri Sembilan.

4th day of raya, went swimming at the heritage residence and then shopping.

5th day of raya, went to LCCT. Alhamdulillah, thank god flight not delayed.

26.09.2009-Happy Birthday Wahida!

cube korang bace blog ni, TEKAN.
So funny.

Anyone yg ad friendster, do Add me ok.

Friday, August 21, 2009

miss the most .

dslr still with my sista. i miss photoshoot and editing picture. my part time job. ak boley lupakan sume masalah ak dengan ada nye dslr. i can be a photographer and model at the same time. so much fun and boleh peroleh banyak ilmu photography by then. Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. yup! agree? anyway, korang ready xlagi utk berpuasa? aku baru lps sahur. *jangan lupa nawaitu*. aku mmg xboleh bukak mata aku tadi pasal slept late at night. yerla, mentang-mentang holiday for 1 week. aku memang xde banyak masa this week. Computer Literation kena buat buku skrap. Geografi kerja kursus. Bm karangan and komsas. Math exercise 8,9,10. sejarah kena study. science memang tak masuk dalam otak. i asked one of my friend yg sekolah kat sif, dia kate diorang sume dah exam minggu lps. sekolah aku je kot form 1,2,4 yang x exam lagi. and thank god la! pasal kalo x, aku memang fail sume subject la gitu. im so happy sebab awal-awal dah puase. and then, eid pun akan awal-awal la. best2. that's all. gotta go now. wish me luck utk exam kali ni please! first time aku semangat giler studying. perubahan yang mendadak. sume classmates aku terkejut cos tgk aku bace buku setiap kali xde cikgu masuk. lawak but itulah reality check ak skrg! k, xoxo.

one of 4tography,

Monday, August 17, 2009

calling u

last night, memang aku pecah rekod. i didn't text him (which im not going to tell u his name) a message. oh gucci! Aku sangat benci dia. Okla, first, let me explain to u.. he is not my BOYFRIEND. just a friend of mine. but i can't tell you which one. Wahida had a fight with diki as known as baju putih. finally, i called his adopted brother for the first and ever history of my life. i never called someone and asked something stupid. especially someone i didn't even really know before. all i want to say is, i hate pacak!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


i don't why. but this week, i always bring my camera to school . and aku rase kalau tak bawak camera cam lain jer rase . even takder event penting pun untuk aku bring along . Dslr ader dgn sis jaja . i miss my baby ! oh no . Maryam, pasal private picture kat friendster tu, keep it secret ! shhh . tapi so0 cute kan ? *evil laughs*. every day mesti wajib aku terserampak dgn so called budak cute . h**i*. nope . bukan boi fren tapi junior aku yang sangat aku admirer sejak aku tengok dia. change topic ! saturday ni birthday arif . ARIF, happy birthday my friend. sayang ngat kt ko. ye ke ? padahal selalu gaduh . ok la. have a happy birthday . no sedih-sedih because of ehem4. from us, the fourtography ;

happy 14th birthday !
15th August 1995.


ur getting old. muke dh berkedut. just kidding !-farah.

i wish a very happy birthday. sorry kalo wat ko marah. smile owezz~-ida wahida.

even xkenal, aku nak ucap epi birthday, dh tua dh kite ni..-teyha.

happy birthday . semoga panjang umur . nice to know u.-grah.

hi arif..hepi hepi hepi birthday.-shahirah.

happy 14th birthday. Semoga cepat tinggi!-sis irah.

hpy birthday arif..i h0pe u alwayz hepi with ur gf..n success in life.-ain

epy bufday moge pnjg umo.-izzah insyirah.


hppy birthday!..sm0ge pnjg um0 n murah rzeki..jgn lupe diri..snyum okm0!-nazwa.

happy hrp awk pnjng um0r n murh rezeki..-alif.

epy burfday t0 u r-riff, sm0ga bhagia dcmping family, fwendz n especially ur mkwe, sm0ge chat n cria slalu . anyway, epy burfday. .-farahin

CHEERS!! Its ur burfday!! Hepy Belated bufday arifF.. Hope u'LL always success in wut ever u d0.. A lot of l0ve from dot3..-nabila.

+>hEpy bufday 4 u!
+>may u have a special bufday filled wif everything ur heart desires..
+>may all y0ur wishes or dream c0me true on your bufday..
+>love, peace n hepynesS alwys..
+>juz b y0urself!- kak ain n kak ruby.

happy birthday..tue dh..buleh dh nikoh..-iela junsu.

heppy bfday.. hope always be hppy n will be loved by every person that u love.-taqi aka romeo.

happy birthday ariff. may god bless you always. semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki.-maryam.

happy b'day, smoga pnjg umur.-aliff aizat.

hepy 14th burfday..Smuge hepy slalu.Study m0lek2..pmr thn dpn dh..jgn nakal2 ok!-kak latifah (kak teefah)

happy burfdae to you, happy burfdae to you, happy burfdae to arif, happy burfdae to you. huhu. cam budak-budak ag..hihix, pw p0m ak wish hepy burfdae utk kwn baek ak yg s0rg ny..adiah tkdw r ta0n ny eyh? tdw budget r..huhux,s0ry..-fadilah(dillah)

see, everybody loves u ! so, no sedih-sedih. just happy-happy.

and im very sorry sbb tak dpt wish drpd ehem3 iaitu woaini,yang,lover (ko fhm2 jela spe).
but ade sorang aku dapat ! hehe.

your fren,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

home trip.

im not going to school today. i don't have the mood to think about school. im sick of studying. i wanna stay home like everyday if i could. i hate assembly. i hate sunday. yup! i can't stop listening to crazier-taylor swift. i found his twin. finally. what am i talking about? haha.

k, stop it. let me tell u a lil bit about kokurikulum day last wednesday.
1st. stayed in dewan mestika from 8.00 am till 2.30 pm.
2nd. penyampaian hadiah.
3rd. balikkk! (saat plg best)

4 of us,

Friday, July 24, 2009

rindu serindu rindu nya..eww?

i miss photoshoot. i miss drama. i miss hanif. i miss nyior cun. i miss arif. i miss my friends. i miss my dad. i miss my sister. i miss choral. i miss domino's pizza. i miss the old me. waaaa.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

sweet award from my sweet sista.

fourtography really thanked you fr the award.
and, we would love to give this award to;


Friday, July 10, 2009

well, guess what?

nothing much to do this morning. essay? check. chores? check. breakfast? check.
and again, nothing to do. just sit back and enjoy watching my fellow blogger friends, maryam, nina and all the click. big good luck to my sis jaja for her new business online. anyway, im bored. today fourtography supposed to make bbq things. but khairullah couldn't make it. yuzi too. so, harkikie told us to make it next saturday. oh, and wahida congratz cos dpt new baby sister/brother. can't wait to meet her/him. if boy;(meh sini kak gbah ajar cara utk ngorat). if girl;(meh sini kak gbah ajarkan mekap). hik3..*lawak bodoh*..

yesterday, went to pizza hut. and at 9.30 pm, followed my sis bila, sis yah, and her friends to bukit tunggal ikan bakar.

now, i felt sick! urghh. woke up and i felt my tekak hurt alot. urghh. *go and get panadol*. k, that's all.

u and me,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

drama videotape.

i finally got to be what i want to be all this time. i've got to be a Juliet. but i don't really like the Romeo. as know as, taqi. he has the look like Romeo does. but his character may not be like Romeo. Amir had to wear a skirt cos he got to be the Nurse. As he walk out to the scene where romeo and juliet are, everybody just looked at him and laugh out loud. poor him. but he doesn't care. he just do whatever it takes and just like auntie hasbi said, he has the courages that not all the other boys have. and she said again, if i told taqi to wear skirt, sampai mati pn die xnk kan?. and everybody laughed. im gonna miss drama. not just that, but all the people in it. actually guys, im not the main character. i mean, Romeo and Juliet are not the main character in the movie. We're just drama in drama. Harlina (Wahida), Harmia (Kak Yong), Iskandar (Shahrul), Mat Derus (Asyraf) are the main character. And the KEY character is Pak (Kiki). and most of all, the props. without them, the drama were not completely gonna be a great drama. u know what i mean right? so, the props are the main part also.

this is not me,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

smell of happiness

Just watched Night At The Museum 2 at Jitra Mall. love it. joe jonas looks so cuteeyy pie! 1st, they just rapping around..2nd..they sang my heart will go on and love cute! sis irah have to go to the PUM or something. so, she missed these awesome moment! nick hodoh. haha.

pizza called me..limau masam looks like edward cullen. something like dracula guy. gigi taring, kening tebal, mata agak hazel, hidung mancung, putih. something like that laa. haha. we're just friends. no offence.

oh and did i mentioned about me will move to kedah next year. when we'll meet, i will say these, await nya? habaq mai..haha..not..bende gok?ce kabo..haha..*lol*.Bye Kuala Terengganu. so sad..

this girl's story,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

iela tag!

1.Ape perasaan anda sekarang?

2.Saya nak makan?
rambut nick!!

3.Saya tak suka?

4.Impian saya?
kiss wolfie

5.Haiwan yang saya tak suka?
suke lake erh??

6.Saya harapkan?
ermm....i want a double chessburger and hold...erh...xigt..

7.Jika boleh putarkan masa?
nk wak mula upsr..

8.Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang?
suami 4 orh!!

9.Handphone saya adalah sebuah?
nokia yg 99 ringgit tu...

10.Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak?
dgn joe jonas je stakat ni!!

11.Saya suka pada?
limau masam pizzzzzza!!!

12.Kawan-kawan saya?
kwn2 xley dipercayai..

13.Pernah dikhianati?

14.Apa yang anda hendak lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda?
cium die kot??? ish..mepek..

15.Senaraikan 6 org untuk di'tag'..
6 je ke? kenapa x 10...malas arh!! nak tag 10 org..ekpon suruh ngat 6...malas r..

too much cotton?

Pulau kapas! spent one day of summer at pulau it! snorkelling twice...the tour guide was da best! hehe..went to see baby cute..wawa and irah stayed at the sadiq and kak fiqah snorkelling..never been to an island before..this was the 1st time..

sis irah waiting for us in the boat!

see the cute penyu! that's our tour guide.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

no more edward cullen?

why not jacob in this poster?;p moon! can't wait...jacob looks so hot in new moon..but twilight? not! his new hair...after this, people will in love with jacob more than edward..haha. new moon trailer go here
see ya guys.

a girl,

Friday, May 29, 2009


new layout guys! we, the fourtography, want to thanked sis irah for helping us making this layouts. love ya yah! hehe...anyway, red all over here? haha..that's the theme..vampire month?? hehe..just kidding..gbah and eyda can't wait for new moon..robert is so damn hot...not robert but edward..huhuhuuu..

4 in one,

from farah(gbah).

guys, i wanna go kl. i want to shop-ping.i want to meet my old friends. i want to do something. i want to gossipping with teyha. i want to see pizza. i want to have K. i want to go to public library to bergaru2 with eyda. i want swimming. i want to eat domino's. i want to go to london. i want chocolate. i want white skin. i want to go to cotton island.

still me,

what ever by wahida(eyda)

hari ni aku ketawa nak pecah perut, psal ada org pijak tahi kucing kat perhimpunan. Masuk class aku menangis bengkak mata kes shahiran or what ever...pastu kliru pasal omongan najwa dan gbah...pokoknya....sebelum cuti ni...aku dpt merasakan pelbagai perasaan dan tingkah laku or whatever...tapi apa yg penting...aku merasa begitu seronok krn ada kwn mcm fourtography...walaupun aku agak sedih dgn apa yang berlaku td...i'm glad you are still my best ever friend!! sebelum cuti2 Malaysia nie...aku xnak ah gaduh2 k...aku harap korang dpt maafkan segala kesilapan dan kesalahan aku..yerlah...kita mana tahu apa nk jadi..masa cuti nanti? mane2 pn korang cuti aku harap korang jgn lupekan aku kt sini....

have fun!!
ku bukan superstars,

Sunday, May 24, 2009


from now on, teyha, eyda and grah akn start post dlm blog ni. jd, this blog is not just for me but for the fourtography the name of the blog, fourtographysecretblabla..right? so, enjoy! anything just ask me..

first, let me introduce you the fourtography girls..

eyda, teyha, grah, me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i dont know what kind of post is this...random maybe..

examination. ayat glamer for the nerd ofcos. heh, just kidding. today, i cant even pay attention cos cikgu sikit2 pergi kat zuhairah. funneh right? a teacher suddenly in love with a school girl? seperti ape ek? huh..anyway, i suddenly in love with someone! urghhh..farah! stop! pay attention! jgnnnnn..huh??? what? eh??what ever..yesterday, fakhri went to my desk and said; eh, awak comel la! like what the eh eh is going on here? my so called enemy suddenly said that..freakin me out gitu..ok ok..and there's one day, me and wahida on the way to the class, so terpaksa lalu tepi tandas lelaki and then one group of boys said; anak patung datang! anak patung datang! and then wahida said; ohh farah ye kate ke; x, die kte kt awk la wahida..and wahida asked them; korang ckp kt siape uh anak patung? boys said; kat kwn awk tu....wahida; kate dh!! diorang kate kt; arghh..why? haha..whatever..anak patung is so not my style....guys, stop la making bodoh things..freakehh!

to nina; oh meee goddie! ur voice is so sweet..such a lovely voice u have there..lav it..lav it..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

missing pendrive

i looked everywhere but i cant seem to find my so called fav pen drive..
i still am looking for it..but still, cant find it.
guys, help me!
first, my phone..
second, my computer still not working..
and lastly, my pen drive..
my pen drive is driving me crazeh..
now, i only had my mp3..
one of my fav things..heh..

oh and talk about drama audition, i want to sing so far away..heh..or hurt-christina story-taylor swift? what do guys think? hurmm..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

teenage blues

im totally in love with the choral speaking! love it. oh and did i mentioned about the missing phone? i lost my phone..and my pendrive twice. idk where i put the pendrive. oh god, help me! i want my phoneyy backky..huh..i miss shopping AGAIN. hehe..well, stop bebel-ing! haha. bye

Friday, April 24, 2009

we were both young when i first saw you..

i miss my old friends! especially my friends in sabah! nina. heh.
anyway, i cant wait for my drama practise tomorrow. auntie hasbi going to tell us about the techniques when we perform drama on stage..heh..i want to go to kl..i want shopping! huhh

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

drama practise

i had so much fun today! you know, the drama practise..and yesterday, i went to Diman bowling in Stadium Gong here goes..

auntie hasbi told us to make a group...each group have 6, najmi, kak fatihah, harkikie, umi and asyraf were in the group one..i be hamia (the heroin). asyraf be iskandar (the hero). harkikie be mat deris (who has to marry hamia one day). umi be hayleena (the one who love mat deris). najmi be the shaman and kak fatihah be the caunselor teacher..the presentation are next eh?

plan A is working and plan B next...after that...plan C!

Monday, April 13, 2009

no school..

..for two days; friday, saturday and sunday. went to kl and melaka..let me tell you a lil bit about our fun lil trip. here goes...

1st day; i took a picture of my friends(grah and teyha)

..then, watched kung fu dunk! what a best movie, i tell ya! heh. we arrived at kl around 2.30 pm..then cikgu asri brought us to the petrosains in suria klcc.

do not steal this picture! i work hard on this pic. thank you.

after that, we're all check in to the 98 inn budget hotel.

2nd day; Pusat Sains Negara.

WE rock. (kami batu!!)

lighting xbrape nk light.

hans isaac's clone.

my sis yah told me to remember these freakin words..idk why?

my lil bro!


4.30 pm we went to berjaya times square. geng megang , hazirah and i played at the cosmo's world theme park in berjaya times square. price; RM37.00 per person. my sis yah and the other were shopping. i had so much fun there!

3rd day (last day, yet the best day;p);check out at the hotel in kl and went to the eye on Malaysia in Melaka.

do not steal this picture! i work hard on this pic. thank you.

after a gayat ride there, we went to banda hilir Melaka..

we ordered creme brulee', indulgence and roast lamb salad at ZEN.