Friday, July 24, 2009

rindu serindu rindu nya..eww?

i miss photoshoot. i miss drama. i miss hanif. i miss nyior cun. i miss arif. i miss my friends. i miss my dad. i miss my sister. i miss choral. i miss domino's pizza. i miss the old me. waaaa.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

sweet award from my sweet sista.

fourtography really thanked you fr the award.
and, we would love to give this award to;


Friday, July 10, 2009

well, guess what?

nothing much to do this morning. essay? check. chores? check. breakfast? check.
and again, nothing to do. just sit back and enjoy watching my fellow blogger friends, maryam, nina and all the click. big good luck to my sis jaja for her new business online. anyway, im bored. today fourtography supposed to make bbq things. but khairullah couldn't make it. yuzi too. so, harkikie told us to make it next saturday. oh, and wahida congratz cos dpt new baby sister/brother. can't wait to meet her/him. if boy;(meh sini kak gbah ajar cara utk ngorat). if girl;(meh sini kak gbah ajarkan mekap). hik3..*lawak bodoh*..

yesterday, went to pizza hut. and at 9.30 pm, followed my sis bila, sis yah, and her friends to bukit tunggal ikan bakar.

now, i felt sick! urghh. woke up and i felt my tekak hurt alot. urghh. *go and get panadol*. k, that's all.

u and me,