Friday, April 24, 2009

we were both young when i first saw you..

i miss my old friends! especially my friends in sabah! nina. heh.
anyway, i cant wait for my drama practise tomorrow. auntie hasbi going to tell us about the techniques when we perform drama on stage..heh..i want to go to kl..i want shopping! huhh

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

drama practise

i had so much fun today! you know, the drama practise..and yesterday, i went to Diman bowling in Stadium Gong here goes..

auntie hasbi told us to make a group...each group have 6, najmi, kak fatihah, harkikie, umi and asyraf were in the group one..i be hamia (the heroin). asyraf be iskandar (the hero). harkikie be mat deris (who has to marry hamia one day). umi be hayleena (the one who love mat deris). najmi be the shaman and kak fatihah be the caunselor teacher..the presentation are next eh?

plan A is working and plan B next...after that...plan C!

Monday, April 13, 2009

no school..

..for two days; friday, saturday and sunday. went to kl and melaka..let me tell you a lil bit about our fun lil trip. here goes...

1st day; i took a picture of my friends(grah and teyha)

..then, watched kung fu dunk! what a best movie, i tell ya! heh. we arrived at kl around 2.30 pm..then cikgu asri brought us to the petrosains in suria klcc.

do not steal this picture! i work hard on this pic. thank you.

after that, we're all check in to the 98 inn budget hotel.

2nd day; Pusat Sains Negara.

WE rock. (kami batu!!)

lighting xbrape nk light.

hans isaac's clone.

my sis yah told me to remember these freakin words..idk why?

my lil bro!


4.30 pm we went to berjaya times square. geng megang , hazirah and i played at the cosmo's world theme park in berjaya times square. price; RM37.00 per person. my sis yah and the other were shopping. i had so much fun there!

3rd day (last day, yet the best day;p);check out at the hotel in kl and went to the eye on Malaysia in Melaka.

do not steal this picture! i work hard on this pic. thank you.

after a gayat ride there, we went to banda hilir Melaka..

we ordered creme brulee', indulgence and roast lamb salad at ZEN.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


im going kl and melaka this friday-sunday.which mean, no school for two day. yay lawatan!
heh. but at the same time, i have to skip my drama practise this sunday. oh shyt! bye again school. oh yeah, my exam is over babeh..fuhh.

i miss these moments! location :mrsm kuala terengganu. they're all so clever! uh..and there are so many kelantan girl and boy! *gapo suko2??

Friday, April 3, 2009


today, my sis yah, mom and me went to pizza hut.. sadiq refused to go cos he's boycotting. funny?!

and happy birthday to my sis wawa! hehee. semoga dipanjangkan umo.

sunday and monday; exam kembali. tidak! wish me luck.

that's all. assalamualaikum.