Thursday, March 31, 2011

"aku menyesal"

topik pada hari ni. wait wait. nak buat suspen dlu.. drum roll please! jengjengjeng.

as you all know, everyone i mean, THE WHOLE UNIVERSE must've been regret for something they've done from the past. especially about the breakup thingy. And what I wanted to tell you is I am in this kind of scenario so today I'm officially the regret-ers. I am damn sure that I'm still in love with TUT. which I can't tell you. just consider this as a secret :p. so I think this is actually HOW TO STOP REGRETTING THE PAST. so here goes,

first, stop thinking about it.
second, get a new life dude.
third, pray.
fourth, do fun stuff with your friends.
fifth, tell to your heart that you want to forget.
sixth, throw away your feelings for him (if you still in love with your ex and regret about the breakup)
seventh, STUDY AND THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE cuz if you still can't forget the past, how can you survive in the future? think about it okeyyyyyy. that's all salam :)