Friday, April 1, 2011

health conscious.

Today I'm going to make my readers be one of the health conscious because people nowadays easily get sick and die because of the sickness that we all didn't expect. Some of you may not know the fact that milk is actually good for only baby's bones and not actually needed by most adult. So here are some fact that I need to share with you guys here.

In one photo they have a picture of milk but it does not talk about milk. It talks about how fruit may be good for your bones and about the body being too acidic. If you look up protein on Wikipedia, it says that milk weakens your bones. Dr Hyman also says that on an article on Huffington Post about milk. Also people in some countries that consume less calcium have stronger bones. Milk is for baby mammals, not adults.
So it is better to get your calcium from orange juice and greens than from high protein foods.
kajian juga menunjukkan bahawa orang africa lebih ramai mempunyai tulang yang sihat berbanding orang amerika. Ia adalah kerana pengambilan makanan hijau seperti sayur-sayuran dan buah-buahan yang diambil oleh orang afrika berbanding dengan orang amerika yang mengamalkan calcium daripada protein seperti keju, susu dan sebagainya.